General tips on acquiring art:
  • Ignore trends and the latest styles. What's fashionable today could well be obsolete by tomorrow.
  • Buy what you love.
  • Buying art is a purely subjective experience- there is no rule book to tell you how it works.
  • Don't be afraid to cross examine art dealers and galleries on provenance, background information, the artist's training and awards, everything! New and emerging artists are a good choice if you like their work as it could appreciate in value. However if you're not motivated by purchasing art purely as an investment then follow your gut instinct at all times: if it moves you, it's art (a bit like falling in love).       

Corporate Collecting:

  • Always meet with a professional art consultant in person and especially before parting with your cash. A good art consultant can walk you through options to suit your company's ethos, style and values.
  • Good art doesn't have to cost the earth- be very up front about your expectations and your budget.
  • Artwork should reflect your company's overall purpose; for example, a funky tech company might be better suited to highly abstract art. A lawyer's office with oak panelling would be more suited to traditional landscapes.
  • Insist your art consultant introduces you to the work of local artists and if you choose to buy it, display the art prominently and send out a press release to the effect- this creates goodwill within your local community which in turn can grow your business.
  • Don't scare the horses! In other words, keep your clients in mind- it goes without saying that confrontational or erotic artwork could cause offence and scare off potential clients.