Pierre Chalory


Who painted the Twin Towers damaged and broken BEFORE 2001! Pierre Chalory is well known in the US and his native France for his extraordinary foretelling through art of the tragic event 9/11.


Monsieur Chalory is a master of surrealism and his paintings are held in private collections around the world.


Art Soufflé/Samantha van Dalen is the exclusive agent of Mr. Chalory for the US and the UK and she is delighted to introduce this vastly talented artist to the UK. Ms. van Dalen will be organising a solo exhibition of Mr. Chalory's oeuvre in the spring of 2015 in London. An exhibtion of selected works including Le bateau, below, will take place on 06th December.


 Appointment of Samantha van Dalen as exclusive agent


 Le bateau, Oil on canvas, 160x100 cms, £10,000.


Artist statement (translated from French by S. van Dalen):

I was born in 1960. I began to paint in 1982. From the beginning, my painting veered towards the imaginary, fictional…. The subjects and the style of my work were inspired by American painters of the heroic fantasy genre: Roger Dean, Boris Vallejo and Siudmak.


The main principle behind each painting is to obtain a gradation of colours, fading invisibly into each other which is then followed by the creation of forms and imaginary situations. Early on I avoided copying other artists and maintained a figurative style whilst inventing forms which do not exist in nature or reality- fantasy sculptures, especially those that reflect a type of metallic light off them and by completing these forms on the canvas, they take on a type of reality of their own. The aim of this pictorial representation is to show objects and situations that one would not normally experience in reality at least not in what one calls ‘reality’ because that is none other than a projection of inadequacy and narrow mindedness.


The thought process in my art is therefore clearly surrealist, not unlike other surrealist artists who integrate normal everyday objects into impossible situations such as a house floating in the sky. In a number of paintings I have deliberately invented objects that only exist in my imagination. A further dimension is that these objects don’t actually exist although they seem to because they appear in the paintings. The driving idea is to create bridges between different worlds, where we see things we recognise of an earthly nature but cannot distinguish between reality or irreality.


The aim of my approach is to shock the viewer and that generally works. Not everyone is a fan of this type of art and there is often a ‘love it or hate it’ reaction by the viewer.


In 1998 I made a series of paintings inspired by New York which were exhibited that same year in my hometown, Marseille. Several of these paintings display an alarming similarity with the 9/11 destruction of the towers. Since 2011, these paintings can be seen at the official site of 9/11 in the Memorial Museum of New York. To view the artist's work at the memorial, please open this link


I began writing in 2007 in a humoristic style and my musings are published by the Horizon Group and can also be found as Kindle Books on Amazon.