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Artist statement:

My name is Jon Prothero, a painter born in South Wales who calls his painting style ‘Omni Dimensionalism.’ Omni Dimensionalism is best described as the way an eclectic range of influences and techniques are used to create a potent cocktail of artistic fusion. My style often moves seamlessly from emotive, physical, free expressionism to the more subtle approaches of intelligible ‘mark making’. This can be felt through my explosive paint work right through to my sensitively applied translucent glazes. In fact I pursue whatever avenue of expression I think it takes to bring a vibration of life to my work. Today my work is imbued with a love of the essence that pervades many of the world philosophical traditions and even includes ‘The Field’ as described in quantum physics. However the roots and application of my style can be found in the tactile experiences I had as a child, scrawling doodles with a broken branch in muddy riverbanks, exploding mud piles with a fist, or 'swimming' my fingers with sensual pleasure in the River Ebbw. Alongside conventional techniques I often use broken branches, sticks, bare hands or broken slate to apply, scrape, inscribe or explode my work over the canvas. My work is very tactile, with thick paint juxtaposed with fluid mixtures that seep into textural landscapes. After passing all my art exams with top grades at college I later went on to The University College of Wales where I studied a groundbreaking mix of theory and practice called Visual Studies. Today, I have started to expand beyond the UK borders and have collectors in many parts of the world including the UK, Italy, Switzerland, America and Australia.



Solo Exhibition Rolle Switzerland ‘La Place Des Arts’ (2012)

Mixed Exhibition at the ‘Sea View Gallery’ Isle of Whyte (2012) Mixed Summer exhibition Cardiff Landaff ‘Off the wall Gallery’ (2011)

Mixed exhibition at the ‘Dreamscape Gallery’ Dufferin Street London (2011)

Mixed exhibition at the ‘Dreamscape Gallery’ Dufferin Street London (2011)

Solo Exhibition at the ‘The Riverfront Theatre’ Newport (2011) Solo Exhibition at the ‘The Diary’ Cardiff (2010)

Mixed exhibition at the ‘TactileBosch Gallery’, December Old Victoria Buildings Cardiff (2010)

Mixed exhibition at the ‘Vision Hermosa Gallery’ in the Porffor shop in Newport town (2010)

Mixed exhibitions at the ‘Melyn Gallery’ Newport with Photographer Anna Bush Crews (2010)

Peter Blake, Martyn Jones and Eloise Glover. (2010)

Mixed exhibition of top welsh and international artists at Cardiff Landaff ‘Off the wall Gallery’ along side work by renowned international artists (2010)

Mixed exhibition at ‘G.FM Gallery’ at Newport (2010)


This short video introduces Jon's unique style of Omni Dimensionalism:

Jon Prothero paints and creates


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