Samantha van Dalen - Photography



I love nature, the balm for my soul. My favourite way to relax and empty the computer in my head is to take long walks in this green and pleasant land. The British countryside is my cathedral, the place where I give thanks and where I feel most at home.


These photographs are without captions or explanations - I consider descriptions of any kind to influence the viewer's interpretation, which in my opinion is not a good thing. Surely no one needs to be told what to think!



When I take photos in nature, my rule is simply this: never touch anything and photograph only what I find presented before me. I don't think too hard and allow my instinct to guide me. I never enhance my photos. Tampering with a photo shows a lack of talent (in my humble view). However I do crop the occasional photo as can be seen in photo 52 of the rising sun.


My walking companion, my faithful hound, has learned to sit still and wait patiently while his mama snaps away. I've repaid the favour by including him (and his late real mum, also an avid rambler) in the selection below.


Everything you see in these photographs is a true representation of the beauty, splendour and mysticism of this wonderful country.


All photos copyright S. van Dalen. Absolutely no reproduction whatsoever without permission.


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